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The warming trend of the past decade may be related to increasing amounts of downward solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface. Recent decreases in tropospheric aerosols may also have contributed via both direct and indirect aerosol effects. The green line (above) reveals a long-term decreasing tendency in the tropospheric aerosol optical thickness(More)
This paper provides an over view of a new international network of researchers, stakeholders, and end-users of remote sensing tools that will benefit the water resources management community. It discusses the concept of solutions networks focusing on the WaterNet and it invites EGU teams to join the in the initial stages of our WaterNet network. The NASA(More)
The new Land Information System (LIS) Project is now providing 1-km surface fluxes. Sample latent heat flux snapshot from LIS/Noah simulation for 11 June 2001. (a) 5-km simulation (contours) overlaid by a 1-km simulation (shaded). (b) 1⁄4degree simulation. (c) 5-km simulation. (d) Full 1-km simulation. See article on page 8. GSWP-2 FACILITATES USE OF(More)
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