R. Laurence Berkowitz

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Ventriculomegaly was diagnosed in 50 fetuses in the perinatal ultrasound unit of Yale-New Haven Medical Center. The outcomes were elective abortion, 13 (26%); antepartum death, 0 (0%); intrapartum death, 7 (14%); neonatal death within 24 h, 11 (22%); neonatal death after 24 h and within 28 days, 3 (6%); death after 28 days, 2 (4%); survival, 14 (28%). 70%(More)
It has been suggested that the major source of vitamin D should come from dietary sources and not sun exposure. However, the major fortified dietary source of vitamin D is milk which often does not contain at least 80% of what is stated on the label. Fish has been touted as an excellent source of vitamin D especially oily fish including salmon and mackerel.(More)
An evaluation of the response of the micro-vasculature in tumors in C3H mice to vasoactive drugs, " Bibl. Mogami, " Regional blood flow and capillary permeability in the ethylnitrosourea-induced rat glioma, " J. Neurosurg., Resting host and tumor perfusion as determinants of tumor vascular responses to norepinephrine, " on blood perfusion in transplanted(More)
Rhinoplasty is not so much an art, but rather an architectural undertaking: a methodical approach to reconfiguring the nasal components to give a proportionate nose that both pleases the eye and satisfies functional requirements. The dorsum and dorsal esthetic lines are some of the most important components of the nose in terms of esthetics and function.(More)
factors were integrated into a CRS ranging from 0–16. Predicted probability of SSM associated with each risk score was estimated. Predicted and observed risks of SSM were highly comparable. ConClusion: We present a validated risk stratification tool for predicting 30-day SSM following reduction mam-moplasty using data that are readily available to the(More)
On behalf of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), District II we are pleased to provide you with the second chapter of the Optimizing Protocols in Obstetrics series. While the first chapter addressed the use of oxytocin for induction, this chapter's content focuses on the Management of Obstetric Hemorrhage. Twenty three existing(More)
BACKGROUND The Endotine Forehead device (Coapt Systems, Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.) is an implantable bioabsorbable fixation device designed to provide intuitive, multipoint, distributed tension and repeatable and predictable brow fixation during endoscopic and open browplasty. The purpose of this study was to evaluate early results in a series of endoscopic(More)
We extend our appreciation to the following firms and organizations for their financial support: On the cover: Photo illustration shows Alaska's Mount McKinley, above, and Washington's Mount Rainier, as a reflection below. Alaska's economic relationship with the Puget Sound region is expanding, evolving, and enduring. In this era of multinational trade(More)
Great advances in ultrasound instrumentation have enabled the physician to delineate subtle intrauterine changes. Not only can specific measurements of the fetal body be obtained but tissue textures within fetal organs can be appreciated. The perinatologist is constantly searching for ways to learn more about the fetus, and ultrasound has clearly become a(More)
463 amines. In the early 1960's, Hillarp, Falck, and their co-workers developed the basic technique for visualizing amine-containing neurons. Treating freeze-dried tissue sections with dry formaldehyde vapor brings about condensation of the amino group of the biogenic amines with the formaldehyde. A new conjugated ring is formed, and the product fluoresces(More)
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