R. Langer

1R. Barman
1F. von Eggeling
1G. Klöppel
1A.M. Schläfli
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Autophagy assures cellular homeostasis, and gains increasing importance in cancer, where it impacts on carcinogenesis, propagation of the malignant phenotype and development of resistance. To date, its tissue-based analysis by immunohistochemistry remains poorly standardized. Here we show the feasibility of specifically and reliably assessing the autophagy(More)
Gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) often present as liver metastasis from a carcinoma of unknown primary. We recently showed that primary NETs from the pancreas, small intestine and stomach as well as their respective liver metastases differ from each other by the expression profile of the three genes CD302, PPWD1 and ABHB14B. The gene and(More)
  • G. Traverso, G. Ciccarelli, S. Schwartz, T. Hughes, T. Boettcher, R. Barman +3 others
  • 2015
Reliable, real-time heart and respiratory rates are key vital signs used in evaluating the physiological status in many clinical and non-clinical settings. Measuring these vital signs generally requires superficial attachment of physically or logistically obtrusive sensors to subjects that may result in skin irritation or adversely influence subject(More)
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