R. Lang

E. Mendelson2
Y. Siegman-Igra2
R. Kitzes2
2E. Mendelson
2Y. Siegman-Igra
2R. Kitzes
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West Nile (WN) virus is endemic in Israel. The last reported outbreak had occurred in 1981. From August to October 2000, a large-scale epidemic of WN fever occurred in Israel; 417 cases were confirmed, with 326 hospitalizations. The main clinical presentations were encephalitis (57.9%), febrile disease (24.4%), and meningitis (15.9%). Within the study(More)
From August 1 to October 31, 2000, 417 cases of West Nile (WN) fever were serologically confirmed throughout Israel; 326 (78%) were hospitalized patients. Cases were distributed throughout the country; the highest incidence was in central Israel, the most populated part. Men and women were equally affected, and their mean age was 54+/-23.8 years (range 6(More)
Rough sets have been incorporated into various models and applications as a mechanism for the management of uncertainty. In this paper we apply rough set techniques to enhance an automated natural language application involving story generation. We discuss the various ways in which these uncertainty techniques improve on the original model and explain how(More)
In order to apply numerical methods to analyse the load bearing behaviour and failure characteristics of timber structures, suitable and realistic numerical descriptions of the mechanical properties of the material wood are needed. The present work investigates selected aspects of the mechanics of wood with respect to inhomogeneities and the appropriate(More)
Twelve patients with Paget's disease of bone were treated with synthetic human calcitonin for seven to 26 months (mean 15.3 months). This group included six patients who had previous therapy. Eleven of the 12 patients experienced relief of the symptoms associated with Paget's disease. The initial therapy of synthetic human calcitonin 0.5-1.0 mg(More)
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