R. Lang

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The standard approach for single-sequence RNA secondary structure prediction uses a nearest-neighbor thermodynamic model with several thousand experimentally determined energy parameters. An attractive alternative is to use statistical approaches with parameters estimated from growing databases of structural RNAs. Good results have been reported for(More)
Traditional worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis interfaces to the user either through high-level language source code or assem-bly/machine code. This paper demonstrates how WCET analysis can be integrated into high-level application design and simulation tools like Matlab/Simulink, thus providing a higher-level interface to WCET analysis. The paper(More)
The project ARS (Artificial Recognition System) develops a novel approach to decision making in the domain of building automation systems. Concepts from neurology, psychology, and psychoanalysis are used for this approach. We give a short overview about this decision making concept, the simulation environment, and results from simulation experiments. These(More)
The present work addresses the demand of context-aware and situation-aware environments in computational areas. A concept is introduced using emotional validation for the perception and decision making unit of a technical system. Giving a detailed definition of the used neuro-psychoanalytical model a possible implementation within such a system is(More)
Rough sets have been incorporated into various models and applications as a mechanism for the management of uncertainty. In this paper we apply rough set techniques to enhance an automated natural language application involving story generation. We discuss the various ways in which these uncertainty techniques improve on the original model and explain how(More)
The main challenge for autonomous mobile robots is to interpret a new situation correctly and to react appropriately in unknown environments. Autonomous mission completion in new territory requires flexible, adaptable, complex, but also fast action planning. For most applications behavior selection cannot be simply rule-based, requiring more sophisticated(More)
While it is widely assumed that disability, poverty and health are closely linked, this is the first critical review on the subject that explicitly asks: 'What is the current evidence base for the link between poverty, disability and health in low-and middle-income countries? The methods used have been adapted from the EPPI Centre (EPPI-Centre, 2007) and(More)
Modern intelligent control systems for building automation, ambient living or surveillance control have to deal with upcoming requirements like increasing complexity of sensor data, or supporting human beings at their jobs. Therefore the system has to decide on actions taken in case of unforeseen situations. The most complex as well as effective decision(More)