R. Lakshmi

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Mammography is the only effective and viable technique to detect breast cancer especially in the case of minimal tumors. About 30% to 50% of breast cancers demonstrate deposits of calcium called micro calcifications. Our method proposes an approach for detecting microcalcification in mammograms based on combined feature set with Support Vector Machine (SVM)(More)
For a graph G, let D(G) be the set of all strong orientations of G. The orientation number of G, denoted by d(G), is defined as min{d(D) | D ∈ D(G)}, where d(D) denotes the diameter of the digraph D. In this paper, a sufficient condition is given for d(G × K n) = d(G × K n), where G is a graph with d(G) two or three and × is the tensor product of graphs.
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