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Mammography is the only effective and viable technique to detect breast cancer especially in the case of minimal tumors. About 30% to 50% of breast cancers demonstrate deposits of calcium called micro calcifications. Our method proposes an approach for detecting microcalcification in mammograms based on combined feature set with Support Vector Machine (SVM)(More)
In recent years researches are focused towards mining infrequent patterns rather than frequent patterns. Mining infrequent pattern plays vital role in detecting any abnormal event. In this paper, an algorithm named Infrequent Pattern Miner for Data Streams (IPM-DS) is proposed for mining nonzero infrequent patterns from data streams. The proposed algorithm(More)
For a graph G, let D(G) be the set of all strong orientations of G. The orientation number of G, denoted by d(G), is defined as min{d(D) | D ∈ D(G)}, where d(D) denotes the diameter of the digraph D. In this paper, a sufficient condition is given for d(G × K n) = d(G × K n), where G is a graph with d(G) two or three and × is the tensor product of graphs.