R. Lakshmi

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The Semantic based annotation of an image is very important and a difficult task in content-based image retrieval (CBIR). The low-level features of the images are described using color and the texture features and the proposed model is used for semantic annotation of images. Also the textual annotations or the tags with multimedia content are the most(More)
The financial world is interested in selecting the stocks which are superior in performance in the given group of stocks. For this purpose, this paper uses a new Linkage Learning method which draws its concept from machine learning approach and incorporated it with the existing Genetic Algorithms. The proposed method finds a stock with better performance(More)
  • V Vankireddy, N Sudheer, R Lakshmi, Tulasi
  • 2015
Now a day's rapidly increased use of cloud computing in the many organization and IT industries and provides new software with low cost. So the cloud computing give us lot of benefits with low cost and of data accessibility through Internet. The ensuring security risks of the cloud computing is the main factor in the cloud computing environment, for example(More)
  • Modepalli Anjana Devi, R Lakshmi, Ch Hari Babu
  • 2014
It is necessary to electrify remote locations with a micro-grid by means of existing renewable energy sources available locally. The micro-grid configuration represents the energy distribution architecture from the generating sites to the consumers and finally the interconnection between these sites and consumers. The hybrid grid consists of both ac and dc(More)