R L Willmuth

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Imagining happy events, sad events, and the events of a typical day led to measurable electromyographic (EMG) changes in the corrugator muscle of the face in both depressed and nondepressed subjects. The depressed and nondepressed subjects could not be differentiated on the basis of muscle activity, whether depression was defined by a self-rating scale, an(More)
The study tests the hypothesis that there is a positive association between a sense of personal control (internal locus of control) and satisfaction with the experience of prepared childbirth. Women delivering at a university hospital were studied by the administration of the Rotter I-E Scale and a postpartum questionnaire. The results demonstrated that(More)
Since the Vermont State Hospital was approaching a major transition period, it was decided to study systematically the effects of intra-unit and inter-unit transfer on its psychogeriatric patients. Ten patients were assessed by means of four standardized measures in the intra-unit study, specifically investigating the effects of integrating wards previously(More)
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