R L Wheeler

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Single units, recorded in the medial medullary reticular formation (RF) in unrestrained, behaving cats, discharged in conjunction with specific movements and postures. Most cells were also active during REM sleep. Discharge rates in active waking and REM sleep were positively correlated and discharge patterns in these states were similar. We conclude that(More)
A well-defined seismic zone recently detected in Virginia has an orientation that is not related to the surrounding geologic structures. The orientation of the zone appears to be related to features below the Appalachian overthrust belt. A damaging earthquake that is important in evaluating seismic hazard in the southeastern United States may have occurred(More)
Ten years of monitoring microearthquakes with a regional seismic network has revealed the presence of a well-defined, linear zone of seismic activity in eastern Tennessee. This zone produced the second highest release of seismic strain energy in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains during the last decade, when normalized by crustal area. The data(More)
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