R L Trousil

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Targeted ultrasonic contrast systems are designed to enhance the reflectivity of selected tissues in vivo [Lanza et al., Circulation 94, 3334 (1996)]. In particular, these agents hold promise for the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of pathologies, most notably tumors, thromboses, and inflamed tissues. In the present study,(More)
Site-targeted acoustic contrast agents used in conjunction with high-frequency intravascular ultrasound have the potential to localize and characterize intravascular pathology. The present study quantifies the utility of a novel, site-targeted ultrasonic contrast agent with high-frequency ultrasound (30 to 50 MHz) and demonstrates the feasibility of the new(More)
Attenuation and compensated backscatter from suspensions of random distributions of polystyrene beads in agarose are reported across a broad, continuous range of frequencies including frequencies which are currently of interest in the emerging fields of acoustic backscatter microscopy and intravascular imaging. Data are reported over the range of ka from(More)
The technique of broadband phase spectroscopy proposed in 1978 by Sachse and Pao [J. Appl. Phys. 49, 4320-4327 (1978)] determines the phase velocity as a function of frequency from the Fourier transforms of a received reference and through-sample signal. Although quite successful, this approach can be influenced by an ambiguity in the phase velocity(More)
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