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Verbal reaction time patterns were compared in aphasic adults presenting anterior and posterior left hemisphere lesions. Reaction Times were measured from simultaneous recording of the subjects' verbal responses and electromyographic activity from three oral-facial sites. Total Reaction Time was fractionated into Premotor Time and Motor Time components to(More)
Phonological error patterns are analyzed in a group of 10 children presenting symptoms consistent with Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia. Results indicate a dominance of "sequentially constrained" errors primarily involving sound and syllable omissions and timing errors. Rank-order correlations among the phonological errors and between phonological errors and(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential effect that color in visual stimuli may have on the confrontation naming ability of aphasic patients. A group of 11 nonfluent and fluent aphasic adults were administered identical black and white and colored versions of a naming test. Administration procedure for the tests required that a phonemic(More)
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