R L Tompkins

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Severe burn injury is an acute inflammatory state with massive alterations in gene expression and levels of growth factors, cytokines and free radicals. During the catabolic processes, changes in insulin sensitivity and skeletal muscle wasting (unintended loss of 5-15% of lean body mass) are observed clinically.(More)
Akt1/protein kinase Bα (Akt1/PKBα) is a downstream mediator of the insulin signaling system. In this study we explored mechanism(s) for its role in burn injury. Akt1/PKBα in liver extracts from mice with burn injury fed with (2H7)-L-Leu was immunoprecipitated and isolated with SDS-PAGE. Two tryptic peptides, one in the kinase loop and a control peptide just(More)
Functional interpretations of the mediolateral elongation and superoinferior flattening of the superior pubic ramus of Neandertals require knowledge of its ontogeny. Metric comparisons between the La Ferrassie 6 Neandertal infant, aged 3-5 years, and a sample of modern infants reveal that the acetabulosymphyseal length of La Ferrassie 6, relative to femoral(More)
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