R L Somerville

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Highly purified preparations of the TyrR protein of Haemophilus influenzae Rd undergo specific and limited proteolytic cleavage during storage at 4 degreesC to generate two fragments of 28 and 8 kDa. Under nondenaturing conditions, the two fragments remain tightly associated. Nicked TyrR is identical to full-length TyrR in its operator binding(More)
  • M J Lercher, A O Urrutia, L D Hurst, Kumar, K Tamura, M Nei +5 others
  • 2002
Clustering of housekeeping genes provides a unified model of gene order in the human genome. Intimate evolution of proteins. Proteome atomic content correlates with genome base composition. Codon-substitution models to detect adaptive evolution that account for heterogeneous selective pressures among site classes.
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