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Twenty-five patients with Raynaud's phenomenon, including 20 with associated diseases and five with primary Raynaud's disease, were evaluated with sequential determinations of digital temperature recovery time after cold exposure and magnification hand arteriography before and after cold exposure and before and after intra-arterial reserpine. A variety of(More)
BACKGROUND We observed four patients with mid-dermal elastolysis (MDE) that was either precipitated or aggravated by UV light (UVL) exposure or was primarily confined to areas of UVL exposure. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to report four cases of MDE occurring after significant UVL exposure and to demonstrate why we suspect that MDE in some instances may be(More)
A number of experimental and clinical studies have shown that early regional surgical sympathectomy decreases tissue loss following frostbite, presumably by relieving vasospasm and increasing blood flow. This study was performed to determine if a decrease in tissue loss following a standard cold injury could be obtained following a regional "medical(More)
BACKGROUND Seborrheic keratoses (SKs) can be seen in association with cancers. OBJECTIVE Our study was designed to demonstrate the occurrence of concomitant SKs and nonmelanoma skin cancers, as well as to correlate their histological types and clinical locations. The study was not intended to be an epidemiologic survey. METHODS We prospectively(More)
Numerous procedures have been proposed for the correction of symptomatic subclavian artery occlusive disease, none of which have been uniformly accepted by vascular surgeons. During the past 21 months we have successfully treated six patients with symptomatic subclavian artery occlusive disease by the construction of an axillary-axillary artery bypass.(More)
Lofgren's syndrome consists of a triad of erythema nodosum, bilateral hilar adenopathy, and arthritis and heralds the acute onset of sarcoidosis. A single symptom may be misdiagnosed and mistreated by an unsuspecting physician. We present a case of Lofgren's syndrome that was initially believed to be cellulitis. We briefly review the course and treatment of(More)