R. L. Shanley

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An intensive engineering effort in the past decade produced color TV receivers with a high degree of maturity. Although the price of receivers remained essentially unchanged, their performance and reliability were improved substantially. Among the many improvements in all sections of the receiver are not only those that relate to a better picture quality(More)
The functions of peaking, gain control, subcarrier removal and black level clamping which are normally required in consumer color television receivers are typically handled in the low level luminace signal processing system, A novel design is described here which accomplishes these functions in an optimum manner, and which, in addition, features nonlinear(More)
An integrated circuit has been developed that has advanced video processing for color television. Chroma and luma signals are processed to develop red, green and blue output signals. Improved accuracy is achieved in subcarrier regeneration. Chroma demodulation recovers the full NTSC I signal. The luminance channel has automatic control and a non-linear(More)
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