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Exercise rehabilitation is recommended increasingly for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This study examined the effect of exercise and education on 79 older adults (M age = 66.6 +/- 6.5 years; 53% female) with COPD, randomly assigned to 10 weeks of (a) exercise, education, and stress management (EXESM; n = 29); (b) education and(More)
Compared the effects of 2 psychotherapies based on divergent conceptualizations of depression in later life. Seventy-five older adults diagnosed with major depressive disorder were assigned randomly to problem-solving therapy (PST), reminiscence therapy (RT), or a waiting-list control (WLC) condition. Participants in PST and RT were provided with 12 weekly(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the association of age, self-rated health, and walking activity with four measures of cognitive functioning in 6,979 men and women (age range: 18-94 years) randomly selected from British electoral registers. Assessments included a face-to-face interview regarding health and health beliefs as well as cognitive testing(More)
This study examines the use of the Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D) in a sample of elderly, medically ill inpatients. Seventy-six individuals completed the CES-D and a psychiatric interview, from which DSM-III-R diagnoses of depression were obtained. Analyses of sensitivity and specificity indicated that use of an alternative(More)
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