R L Neulieb

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  • R L Neulieb
  • Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior
  • 1984
The author volunteered to experience on himself the effect of short-term, i.e., 36 consecutive days, oral administration of cesium chloride. Cesium chloride was given 6 g per day into two equally divided doses. The drug was dissolved in 8 ounces fluid and consumed immediately after the morning and evening meals which were diet-restricted to wheat bran and(More)
In the 1940's several experimental observations were made regarding the K+ and Na+ content of chilled and restored red blood cells. As a consequence, the concept of active transport was developed. Brewer, a physicist, developed a model for membrane transport based on the electrical properties of double bonds in the ground and excited states. Of particular(More)
Many membrane-based phenomena depend upon the membrane's ability to regulate the transport of specific cations, principally Na, Ca and Mg. These cations are responsible for a substantial portion of cellular nutrient uptake and the generation/propagation of an action potential. Surfactants, such as carcinogens and some anaesthetics, can disrupt the transport(More)
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