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The bioequivalence of three chemically equivalent paracetamol generic Mexican products (500 mg tablets) was evaluated in 12 healthy volunteers using the American innovator product (Tylenol, McNeil, Fort Washington, PA), as the reference. Single oral doses of each product were administered at 1-week intervals using a 4 x 4 Latin square design balanced for(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate efficacy of Propofol at Cp 2.5 µg/ ml administered by Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) using Marsh Modified Model, in pre-medicated with midazolam/ fentanil Latin-American women (Venezuelans) during oocyte retrieval for In Vitro Fertilization. METHODS Prospective, descriptive study included 72 women, 18-44 years old, ASA I-II, non(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the implications of expanded genetic carrier screening for preconception purposes based on our practice. METHODS One hundred and forty-three potential gamete donors aged 20-32 years old (µ=24, 127 females and 16 males), signed informed consent forms and were selected according to the REDLARA guidelines. Blood or saliva samples were(More)
OBJECTIVE 1.To describe the standardization process and protocols of the ET method at our center. 2.To compare the performance of non-echogenic catheters with echogenic catheters during ultrasound-guided ET. METHODS Retrospective analysis of 2630 ET performed at UNIFERTES during 1997-2014, to describe standardization process and to compare the percentage(More)
We present two experimental models consisting of two groups of 16 dogs each in which we performed venous and arterial autotransplants in the urethra using the same surgical technique and the same sutures. As a substitute for the urethra, 4 to 5 cm of either superficial femoral artery or vein were used. Clinical, radiologic, and histologic evaluations were(More)
s of the 13th Red Lara Taller General, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26-28 April 2017 O-02. FSH dose to stimulate different patient’ ages: when less is more E. Borges Jr.1,2, B.F. Zanetti2, A.S. Setti2, D.P.A.F. Braga1,3, R.C.S. Figueira1, A. Iaconelli Jr.1 1Fertility – Medical Group, São Paulo, SP – Brazil 2Instituto Sapientiae – Centro de Estudos e Pesquisa em(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the consequences of Zika virus infection at 10 weeks of gestation in an IVF-conceived pregnancy in Venezuela. DESIGN A case report. SETTING Private assisted reproduction unit. PATIENT(S) A 36-year-old patient who conceived her first pregnancy through IVF and became infected with Zika virus at 10 weeks' gestation in Venezuela. (More)
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