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The incorporation of silica nanoparticles into polyethylene increased the breakdown strength and voltage endurance significantly compared to the incorporation of micron scale fillers. In addition, dielectric spectroscopy showed a decrease in dielectric permittivity for the nanocomposite over the base polymer, and changes in the space charge distribution and(More)
Seismic communication is known to be utilized in insects, amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals, but its use has not yet been documented in large mammals. Elephants produce low-frequency vocalizations, and these vocalizations have seismic components that propagate in the ground, but it has not yet been demonstrated that elephants can detect or interpret(More)
The burgeoning area of nanodielectrics has been fueled by the demonstration of enhanced electrical and mechanical properties observed in nanoparticle filled polymers. The high surface energy and vastly augmented surface area (in comparison to conventional composites) is thought to be the underlying reason for such benefits. This paper explores the(More)
A study was conducted to evaluate some new diagnostic techniques enabling users to effectively manage their paper-insulated, lead-covered (PILC) cable assets. The objective is to present the results obtained with four diagnostic techniques designed for use on in-service cables, but used only to a limited extent on PILC cables. These techniques are LIpATEST(More)
This paper provides information on laboratory performance of 15 and 35 kV premolded joints from three manufacturers. Data on partial discharge, ac and hot impulse voltage breakdown tests, and dissection of breakdowns are presented for joints that were tested immediately after their assembly and after one year aging immersed in room temperature water(More)
A variety of data from different devices has been generated on the smoothness of shield products, but no direct comparison of compound smoothness for the devices themselves has been made. The purpose of this study was to compare four different methods for evaluating the smoothness of power cable compounds. The methods compared include: image analysis, laser(More)
Moisture content titration, using the Karl-Fischer method, was performed on small samples of paper tapes taken from thirteen full-length field-aged distribution paper insulated lead covered (PILC) cables. It has often been suggested in the literature that the moisture content of paper-oil systems could be estimated from some electrical and dielectric(More)
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