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A 2_2 game is played repeatedly by two satisficing players. The game considered includes the Prisoner's Dilemma, as well as games of coordination and common interest. Each player has an aspiration at each date, and takes an action. The action is switched at the subsequent period only if the achieved payoff falls below aspirations; the switching probability(More)
We derive tail asymptotics for the probability that the maximum of sums of a few random variables exceeds an increasing threshold, when the random variables may be light as well as heavy tailed. These probabilities arise in many applications including in PERT networks where our interest may be in measuring the probability of large project delays. We also(More)
In this paper we first prove, under quite general conditions, that the nonlinear filter and the pair: (signal,filter) are Feller-Markov processes. The state space of the signal is allowed to be non locally compact and the observation function: h can be unbounded. Our proofs in contrast to those of Kunita(1971,1991), Stettner(1989) do not depend upon the(More)
In the existing " direct " white noise theory of nonlinear filtering , the state process is still modelled as a Markov process satisfying an It6 stochastic differential equation, while a " finitely additive " white noise is used to model the observation noise. We remove this asymmetry by modelling the state process as the solution of a (stochastic)(More)
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