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This article presents the rationale, selection, operation, and quality control of the Central Serum and Central Bile Laboratories utilized by the National Cooperative Gallstone Study. The external quality control protocols were designed to monitor long-term stability of the analytical procedures and to measure the precision of the measurements as affected(More)
The Becton-Dickinson VACUTAINER BRAND SERUM SEPARATOR TUBE (SST) was evaluated in a field test in five hospitals. The SST evacuated blood drawing tube contains a semi-solid silicon polymer which migrates to the serum-clot interface during centrifugation causing a barrier to form which separates serum from red cells. Eighteen clinical chemistry(More)
A system is described which permits measurements,such as photometry, to be made on air-segmented streams, as in continuous-flow analysis. Elimination of -the “debubbler” step before measurement provides two basic assets: (1) more rapid attainment of steady-state conditions (lower interaction between samples), and (2) maintenance of the integrity of the(More)
We describe a comprehensive gas chromatographic analysis for therapeutic concentrations of amitriptyline, nortriptyline, imipramine, desipramine, doxepin, and desmethyldoxepin in plasma, with use of a nitrogen detector. All these drugs are extracted and chromatographed under identical conditions. Each tertiary amine tricyclic is well resolved from its(More)
Establishment of a procedure termed cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) TRAP ("Transport and Rapid Accessioning for Additional Procedures") allows clinicians to appropriately store, at -75 degrees C, and rapidly access CSF specimens. The CSF TRAP enhances patient care by decreasing the need for repeat lumbar punctures and providing reserve fluid for the following:(More)
MANY CLINICAL LABORATORY flame photometers used for sodium and potassium determinations in serum and urine aspirate a solution that is about a 200-fold dilution of the original sample. Manual dilution is too slow. Therefore, many laboratories speed the process by the use of a semiautomatic dilutor, which also provides the repeatability necessary for(More)
Chenodiol is a safe and effective agent for the medical dissolution of gallstones in selected patients; however, after dissolution and cessation of treatment, gallstones recur. This study was done to determine the recurrence rate after successful medical treatment and cessation of chenodiol therapy; compare the efficacy and safety of low-dose chenodiol, as(More)
A bank of well-characterized CSF has been established by collecting and storing (-70 degrees C) CSF samples remaining after completion of routine clinical studies. Over 1,700 individual patient samples were collected during a 12-month period. A database derived largely from information down-loaded from existing hospital-based systems includes the results of(More)
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