R. L. Cormier

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Women's health research strives to make change. It seeks to produce knowledge that promotes action on the variety of factors that affect women's lives and their health. As part of this general movement, important strides have been made to raise awareness of the health effects of sex and gender. The resultant base of knowledge has been used to inform health(More)
The migratory biology and connectivity of passerines remains poorly known, even for those that move primarily within the temperate zone. We used light-level geolocators to describe the migratory geography of a North American temperate migrant passerine. From February to March of 2010, we attached geolocator tags to 33 Golden-crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia(More)
Monitoring responses by birds to restoration of riparian vegetation is relatively cost-effective, but in most assessments species-specific abundances, not demography, are monitored. Data on birds collected during the nonbreeding season are particularly lacking. We captured birds in mist nets and resighted banded birds to estimate species richness and(More)
Hankivsky, olena, 1969-intersectionality : moving women's health research and policy forward / olena Hankivsky, Renée cormier ; with diego de Merich. includes bibliographical references. no part of this primer may be reproduced by any means without the written permission of the publisher, except by a reviewer, who may use brief excerpts in a review. the(More)
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