R. L. Boguslavskii

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The diversity at eight storage protein loci was analyzed in the collection of Triticum spelta accesssions from the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine (most of accessions were European spelts). Seven alleles at the Gli-B1 locus; five alleles at the Gli-A1 and Glu-B1 loci; three alleles at the Glu-B1 locus; and two alleles at the Gli-D1,(More)
Classification of plant genepool collections are presented, the principal tasks worked on by collections are examined. Databases on genepool collections of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of Syberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) and the National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine are described. Principles of formation of(More)
Using gliadins as genetic markers, Triticum spelta L. var. caeruleum accessions were analyzed to identify genetic control of the dark color of glumes. The research material was F2 and BC1 plants from crosses between spelt accessions and white-glumed common wheat varieties. The segregation for glume color fitted the monogenic control of the trait. The(More)
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