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The green fluorescent protein (GFP) was used as a marker to study the intracellular transport of vacuolar and secretory proteins in yeast. Therefore, the following gene constructs were expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae under control of the GAL1 promoter: GFP N-terminally fused to the yeast secretory invertase (INV-GFP), the plant vacuolar chitinase(More)
  • Durfee, V R And Corkill, +30 authors R M And Cottman
  • 1990
Distribution and parallelism are two of the major topics which are central to current artificial intelligence research. In distributed artificial intelligence, these fundamental aspects are closely related to the problem of co-operation. This paper addresses co-operation issues in StormCast – a distributed artificial intelligence application for severe(More)
The giant, polytene chromosomes of Simulium carthusiense Grenier & Dorier, 1959 were mapped, and all rearrangements were resolved relative to the standard banding sequence for the S. vernum group. The species is chromosomally cohesive from Austria to Spain, and is characterized by a chromocenter, two unique fixed inversions, 10 unique autosomal(More)
Noch ein kurzes W o r t f iber die Prophylctxe der Bleierkranlcungen bei unse r e r A r be i t e r s cha f t . I ch glaube, d a b die Auslese der L e u t e d a b e i z u n ~ c h s t e inma l das W i c h t i g s t e ist, Auslese i n bezug auf das Blur , die Nieren, die Ar te r i en , das N e r v e n sys tem, evt l . d u r c h g e m a c h t e schwere I n f e(More)
Bounds on the number of states in encoders graphs for input-constrained channels, IEEE Trans. Canonical encoders for sliding block decoders, submitted for publication. Variable-length state splitting with applications to average runlength-constrained (ARC) codes, IEEE Trans. By 6]]7], the existence of such a left-resolving conjugacy from paths in E to paths(More)
We consider the full weak convergence, in appropriate function spaces, of systems of noninteracting particles undergoing critical branching and following a self similar spatial motion with stationary increments. The limit processes are measure valued, and are of the super and historical process type. In the case in which the underlying motion is that of a(More)
In this work it will be shown, how the comparison of recur-sive program schemata (RPS) can be reduced to an only slightly modiied type of the search for maximal isomorphic subgraphs by interpreting the RPS as directed, cyclic, labelled graphs. The quality of the mapping of two RPS can be used as a quantitative measure for similarity of RPS among each other.(More)
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