R Kriebitzsch

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This study is an attempt at clarifying the relationships between defined environmental demands, the efficiency of corresponding visuomotor behaviour and the EEG. We made use of a laboratory paradigm which was devised to closely represent a common man-machine system process, i.e, maintaining of a road vehicle on a predetermined track when squally wind is(More)
A Computer-assisted Visuomotor Tracking Device for Selective Objectivation of Central-nervous Drug Effects. In order to overcome the well-known shortcomings of current psychometry especially for the objectivation of the effects of psychotropic drugs, a computer-assisted visuomotor tracking device has been developed. The subjects task is to closely pursue a(More)
23 Patients with multiple sclerosis were subjected to a visuomotor tracking test, consisting of subtests of different task difficulty, while being in a state of acute exacerbation and four weeks later, while exhibiting a more or less pronounced clinical remission (Kurtzke DSS 3.9 (+/- 1.4) vs. 3.3 (+/- 1.5); p less than 0.001). Corresponding to this the(More)
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