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A sequence of interpolation series is given which generalizes Whittaker's cardinal function to the case of Hermite interpolation. By integrating the interpolation series, a sequence of new quadrature formulae for /" " f(x) dx is obtained. Derivative-free remainders are stated for these interpolation and quadrature formulae. Given a function / : R —> C and a(More)
The reaction of the ortho-amide 1,1,1-tris-(di-methyl-amino)-4-methyl-4-(tri-methyl-sil-yloxy)pent-2-yne with bromine in benzene, yields the title salt, C15H33BrN3OSi(+)·Br(-). The C-N bond lengths in the amidinium unit are 1.319 (6) and 1.333 (6) Å, indicating double-bond character, pointing towards charge delocalization within the NCN plane. The C-Br bond(More)
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