R. Kheradmand

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—Recently, we have introduced a numerical method for calculating local dispersion of arbitrary shaped optical waveguides, which is based on the Finite-Difference Time-domain and filter diagonalization technique. In this paper we present a study of 40 Dastmalchi et al. photonic crystal waveguides at interfaces and double hetero-structure waveguides. We have(More)
Nitride semiconductors and their alloys recently have versatile applications as high-power and high-efficiency electro optical devices duo to their high thermal stability, direct transition and wide bang-gap. Nanostructure light emitting diodes of these materials have an emission spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. In this paper, besides simulating a(More)
Pseudo-thermal ghost imaging experiments correlate the intensity distribution of the reference arm measured by a high spatial-resolution (scanning pinhole or CCD camera) detector with total photon counts of the object arm measured by a bucket (single-pixel) detector. We review the effects of the object size and also the speckle frame numbers on the(More)
We consider a broad area vertical-cavity driven semiconductor laser (VCSEL) that includes the multiple quantum well structures. The semiconductor microresonator is of the Fabry-Perot type that provides the longitudinal single mode operation. The dynamical behavior of these nonlinear systems is described by Maxwell-Bloch equations. The standard adiabatic(More)
We describe two different methods that exploit the intrinsic mobility properties of cavity solitons to realize periodic motion, suitable in principle to provide soliton-based, all-optical clocking or synchronization. The first method relies on the drift of solitons in phase gradients: when the holding beam corresponds to a doughnut mode (instead of a(More)
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