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A combination of high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy, and electron energy-loss spectroscopy (HRTEM-STEM-EELS) was used to study fly ashes produced from the combustion of an eastern Kentucky coal at a southeastern-Kentucky wall-fired pulverized coal utility boiler. Fly ash was collected from individual(More)
Two Stage Opamp : An analog to digital converter (ADC) uses switched capacitor stages that settle in two steps. The first step of settling places charge onto the load capacitance using charge pumps, and the second fulfills the settling requirements using negative feedback. The key factor is to establish the optimum combination of gm2/gm1 & Cl/Cc. So,(More)
This brief presents an ultralow-power class-AB operational amplifier (OpAmp) designed in a low-cost 0.18-μm CMOS technology. The proposed circuit uses transistors biased in the sub threshold region for low-voltage low-power operation. For a0.8-V single supply, this OpAmp has 51dB open-loop gain, 57-kHz unity-gain frequency, 60◦ phase margin, and 65-dB(More)
Reversibility plays a fundamental role when computations with minimal energy dissipation are considered. In recent years, reversible logic has emerged as one of the most important approaches for power optimization with its application in low power CMOS, optical information processing, quantum computing and nanotechnology. This research proposes a new(More)
A 2.4-GHz inductive degenerate differential narrowband low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) using 0.18um CMOS Technology are presented in this paper. The LNA is properly biased operates at 1.8 volts power supply and perfectly matched input impudence of 50 ohms. The LNA has the Noise figure <2.5dB, Gain(S21) >20dB,Input impedance (S11) <-20dB, Output impedance (S22)(More)
This paper presents the design and analysis of a low power, low flicker noise folded Gilbert cell mixer in 0.18&#x00B5;m CMOS process for UWB application between 3.5&#x2013;10GHz. Folded Gilbert-cell Mixer is design and simulated using Cadence as a design Tool. To achieve wideband frequency response and low dc power consumption for UWB system application,(More)
This paper presents a well-established Fully Differential sample & hold circuitry, implemented in 180-nm CMOS technology. In this two stage method the first stage give us very high gain and second stage gives large voltage swing. The proposed opamp provides 149MHz unity-gain bandwidth , 78 degree phase margin and a differential peak to peak output swing(More)
This paper presents a low-voltage, low-power Ultra wideband (UWB) Low Noise Amplifier (LNA). The proposed LNA is the extension of inductively degenerated common source amplifier, a technique widely used in narrow band designs. A second order Chebyshev filter is embedded in the input network of amplifying device to achieve the input broadband matching. An(More)
This p a p e r presents a low power, h i g h ga in and high CMRR ful ly differential ultra-wide bandwidth operational amplifier with wide dynamic range. The design uses two-stage gain, high swing common-mode feedback, ‘doublet-free’ pole-zero cancelation and gm–boosting techniques to increases the unity gain frequency. Design and implementation results for(More)