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This study analyzed daily patterns and dynamics of PM(2.5) concentrations in the Kathmandu Valley during three winters. The PM(2.5) data showed a daily repetitive cycle which represents influence of local air flow and dispersion and accumulation of air pollutants in the valley. Two concentration peaks were observed in the morning and in the evening periods,(More)
  • R. Karki, Po Hu
  • 2005
The rapidly increasing contribution of wind power to electric power generation around the world has motivated a need to develop more widely applicable methodologies for evaluating the actual benefits of adding wind turbines to traditional power generating systems. Reliability and cost evaluation of wind generation systems requires simulation of long-term(More)
The status of forest conditions before and after intervention of the forestry projects in community forest in three districts of Nepal is examined. Benefits are observed from the adoption of adaptive collaborative management and collective learning and action research in three sampled districts. The adoption of regular silvicultural treatments has increased(More)
  • R. Karki
  • 2004
Wind energy applications are rapidly increasing in power generating systems due to widespread public support for renewable energy. Wind energy, however, has not been considered as an important factor in capacity planning since wind penetration has traditionally been insignificant compared to conventional generation. It will be increasingly important to(More)
Global environmental concerns associated with conventional energy generation have led to rapid growth of wind energy applications in power systems. Many jurisdictions around the world have set very high wind penetration targets in their energy generation mix, and as a result, there is a growing concern for the reliability of the power systems containing(More)
There has been a rapid growth of renewable power applications in electrical power generating systems due to concerns over the environment and depleting sources of conventional power generation. Implementation of policies such as the renewable portfolio standard, have mandated many regions around the globe to significantly increase renewable power(More)
This paper proposes a novel method to estimate Control Performance Standard 1 (CPS1) using the probability distribution of area load change. The proposed method predicts an estimation of the CPS1 value for the future, which could be used in deciding operating strategies to achieve a target CPS1 value. NERC standards on frequency control performance define(More)
Mobile based technologies are most widely used products and shown a huge growth in terms of user base. Every individual around the every corner of the world rely on mobile technology. The thing which makes it more powerful is cellular communication. Cellular communications are not only restricted to voice calls but it has gone way beyond our imagination(More)
Universally, trees have been recognized as an important component of urban landscapes for millennia because they provide a wide range of benefits to society. Although the planting of trees has been an integral and important part of human settlements in Nepal, the concept of urban forestry is poorly understood and often neglected. This paper investigates(More)
There is an increasing recognition of the contribution of forests to food security of poor and marginalized people. However, empirical findings remain limited on how forests contribute to food security. Drawing on four case studies of community forestry in Nepal, this paper discusses pathways through which forests are contributing to food security needs of(More)