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This paper introduces a scheme for classification of online handwritten characters based on polynomial regression of the sampled points of the sub-strokes in a character. The segmentation is done based on the velocity profile of the written character and this requires a smoothening of the velocity profile. We propose a novel scheme for smoothening the(More)
Grid technology benefits user by providing a platform which enables access over huge resources. It provides service pertaining to the grid resources available across site and the management of these grid resources would be a challenging one. Cloud technology can benefit grid computing by providing on demand scaling of resources. This paper focuses on the(More)
Virtualization begins the platform for creating desired resources as demanded by the users. Using virtualization technology, customization of desired grid environment becomes possible and thus helps in providing a scalable solution to grid community. Recent trends of adapting this feature in grid computing have set another challenge of monitoring grid(More)
Cloud computing is a business model which provides an easier management of computing resources. Cloud users can request virtual machine and install additional softwares and configure them if needed. However, user can also request virtual appliance which provides a better solution to deploy application in much faster time, as it is ready-built image of(More)
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