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This study examined certain structural and functional aspects of the olfactory system in regenerated posterior tentacles of the terrestrial snail Achatina fulica. Regeneration of the epithelial sensory pad occurs with accurate size regulation. All five neuronal cell types which are normally revealed by horseradish peroxidase backfilling are also(More)
The snail tentacle ganglion is a prominent structure that innervates an epithelial pad sensitive to wind and odors. Its neural composition, and that of the sensory pad, was studied in the terrestrial snail Achatina fulica by applying horseradish peroxidase to the distal end of the cut tentactle nerve. Five types of neurons were labelled by the procedure:(More)
The article is dealing with an approach of the real-time video sequences preprocessing for the global motion removing. In some cases, such a movement is unwanted (e.g. the probe movement during medical scanning) and complicates its further processing. In principle, the presented approach is based on optical flow method. Two methods for the vector field(More)
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