R. K. Wang

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Migration investigations were carried out on paper packaging materials in contact with solid food simulants. The aim was to investigate the migration behaviour of a series of isothiazolinone biocides (2-methyl-3-isothiazolinone (MI), 1,2-benzisothiazolinone (BIT) and 2-octyl-3-isothiazolinone (OIT)) as potential contaminants in paper materials, at varying(More)
Glaucoma which is a leading cause of blindness in the world is not a single disease but a group of disorders with diverse clinical manifestations. If not controlled at an early stage, it causes irreversible damage to vision. Proper medication slows down or even halts its growth. Identifying glaucoma at a very early stage is vital and at the same time(More)
This study investigated the transfection ability and efficiency of liposomes and immunoliposomes for exogenous gene delivery into the brain via the venous system. Four groups of rats underwent tail vein injection with one of the following: liposomes encapsulating pCMV (human cytomegalovirus promoter)-LacZ plasmid 80 microg (low dose) or 300 microg (high(More)
Tendon tissue engineering requires the generation of a uniaxially orientated collagen type I matrix with several organization scales that confer mechanical functionality upon the tendon. A combination of factors in a dose- and time-dependent manner, such as growth factors and mechanical environment, may be the key to an in vitro-engineered tendon. To define(More)
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