R. K. Shrivastav

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— In the present investigation, a mathematical model is developed to study the flow of blood in a multiple stenosed artery employing velocity slip condition under the externally applied transverse magnetic field. Blood is modeled as Herschel-Bulkley fluid to represent the non-Newtonian character of blood in small blood vessels. The expressions for wall(More)
Although exact statistics are not available, Indian plastic surgeons see around 7,00,000-8,00,000 burn admissions annually with around 10,00,000 cleft patients yet to be operated. In spite of this voluminous load, India does not have national health programs for the various deformities Indian plastic surgeons typically treat. As Plastic Surgeons, it is our(More)
The present study deals with blood flow through an arterial segment with overlapping stenosis depending on time to a certain extent. The problem is examined by a combined effort of analytical and numerical techniques. The influence of time and slip velocity on wall shear stress, resistance to flow, axial velocity and volumetric flow rate are expressed(More)
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