R. K. Patney

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A criterion is proposed to obtain an optimal wavelet packet (WP) tree based on the critical band structure of the human auditory system for time-frequency decomposition of speech and audio signals. The criterion minimizes a perceptual cost function based on Zwicker's model of the critical band structure and allocates an optimal number of terminating nodes(More)
This paper proposes a multiresolution model of auditory excitation pattern and applies it to the problem of objective evaluation of subjective wideband speech quality. The model uses wavelet packet transform for time-frequency decomposition of the input signal. The selection of the wavelet packet tree is based on an optimality criterion formulated to(More)
Distinctiveness of users in biometric authentication can be limited when multiple samples of a user's biometric information differ due to intra-class variability in the acquisition, thus resulting in random correspondence between users. Most of the currently known methods based on error correcting codes, fuzzy vault have been proposed for protecting(More)
We have shown that bandfolding in the DCT domain does not result in a downsampling of the signal. The result is two convolution operations that involve both the odd and even samples of the signal. The impulse response of the resulting filters (h 1. It H. Ir 1). h i,') depends on the parity of the samples and on the subband (low or high). ACKNOWLEDGMENT The(More)
A simple method for the design of an optimal two-channel finite impulse response (FIR) orthogonal filterbank that minimizes the stopband energy of the filter's impulse response using semidefinite programming (SDP) is presented. The convex formulation is obtained by representing the optimality criterion and the orthogonality constraints in terms of the(More)
A simple method for the design of an optimal two-channel orthogonal cyclic filterbank using semidefinite programming is presented. The criterion for optimality is to maximize the passband energy, or equivalently, to minimize the stopband energy of the filter's impulse response. The objective function and orthogonality constraints are represented in terms of(More)
A method is proposed for synthesizing an optimal wavelet based on auditory perception criterion for dyadic filter bank implementation. The design method of this perceptually optimized wavelet is based on the critical band (CB) structure and the temporal resolution of human auditory system (HAS). The construction of this compactly supported wavelet is done(More)
In this paper, we propose three different filter bank structures matched to a signals or its statistics namely: 2-channel uniform filter bank, M-channel dyadic nonuniform filter bank and M-channel modified DFT filter bank. First, 2-channel QMF analysis filter bank matched to a signal or its statistics is obtained. In order to obtain this filter bank, the(More)
Testing and fault-diagnosis of core-based systems are both difficult problems. Being able to identify which module in the core-based system is faulty has become very important. In this paper, we present algorithms to introduce test points for improving the di-agnosability of a digital system. We define a measure of diagnosability known as module resolution(More)
of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering is a bona fide work carried out by him under my supervision. The work reported in this thesis, in my view has reached the magnitude and standard for submission and for staking the candidate's claim for the award of Ph.D Degree in Engineering. The research reports and the results presented in this thesis have not been(More)