R. K. Mahendru

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The study was undertaken to assess the value of etomidate in modifed E.C.T. and compare the results with thiopentone sodium. Fifty patients of schizophrenia, depressive illness and manic depressive psychosis requiring E.C.T. were studied with thiopentone and etomidate in two subsequent sittings. The results indicate that induction time is approximately same(More)
Of the 85 psychiatric patients taken for the study 45 (52.9%) had physical illnesses. Results showed that 84.4 % physically ill patients remained unrecognised at the time of psychiatric consultation. A significantly higher percentage of physically ill patients were drawn from larger families of lower socio-economic status. Significantly higher number of(More)
The study is aimed at investigating the occurrence of writers cramp in office workers, drawn from ten major offices of Kanpur to determine the nature and relationship of various emotional factors in the development of this disability. The observations on writers cramp cases were compared with a group of normal and diseased controls. Out of a surveyed(More)
Sintamil (2330 GO) a new dibenzoxazepin (Nitroxazepine hydrochloride) has been extensively studied during the last decade in animals and human beings for its antidepressant action with fairly good reMilts (Hagadia cf ill 19f>8 and Tcja and Narang 197D). Some investigators (Desou/a and Chowdhary 1974 and Gupta ct.il 1976) liave been demonstrated superiority(More)
There are several reports in the literature which claim superiority of primidone over phenobarbitone and phenytoin in the treatment of major epilepsy, (Nathan, 1954; Butter, 1953 and Oxley et al., 1980). It has also been the impression of some workers that primidone is effective in controlling refractory cases either when given alone or in combination with(More)
The present report compares Thiopentone sodium and Althesin as intravenous anaesthetic agents in modified electro-convulsive therapy. The induction time with althesin and thiopentone was more or less similar. There was significantly shorter recovery period with althesin as compared to thiopentone. Early and uneventful recovery with althesin was distinct(More)
Depression is a common psychiatric illness and since majority of patients suffering from depression are first seen and treated by general practitioners, it is important for them to identify and treat depressive illness more effectively. Fortunately, depression is a treatable condition. Identifying the optimal antidepressant agent requires careful(More)