R. K. Krishna

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General-purpose image filters lack the flexibility and adaptability of un-modeled noise types. On the contrary, evolutionary algorithm based filter architectures seem to be very promising due to their capability of providing solutions to hard design problems. Through this novel approach, it is made possible to have an image filter that can employ a(More)
The performance of wireless networks can be significantly improved by multi-channel communications compared with single-channel communications since the use of multiple channels can reduce interference influence. In this paper, we study interference-aware topology control in IEEE 802.11-based multichannel wireless mesh networks with dynamic traffic. Channel(More)
OBJECTIVE The anal sex among heterosexual couples is on the rise as reported in many scientific studies. Considering that unprotected anal sex has higher risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission than the vaginal sex, we undertook a study to understand the anal sex practices among Female Sex Workers (FSW). MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was(More)
Reconfigurable hardware based image enhancement technique when compared to the conventional method has an improved image quality even under adverse conditions such as contrast reversal and intensity gradients, angular uncertainties, blur caused by changes in depth field, scale changes, partial obliteration or missing features. In addition, parallel(More)
— This paper is an original philosophy of analyzing the importance of fuzzy logic based intelligent concepts in the design of the temperature process controller for an injection mould machine. An injection mould machine is a basic requirement of every plastic, rubber etc.., process industries to mould the items to the desired shapes by the application of(More)
The design of an ultra low voltage, low power high speed 8 channel Analog multiplexer in 180nm CMOS technology is presented. A modified transmission gate using a dynamic threshold voltage MOSFET (DTMOS) is employed in the design. The design is optimized with respect to critical requirements like short switching time, low power dissipation, good linearity(More)
A compact two element MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) system is proposed using a multi slot patch antenna employing polarization diversity. The proposed MIMO system offers improved bandwidth, return loss and isolation characteristics. The system resonates at 5.35GHz and 5.81GHz frequencies for VSWR≤2, which can be used for 4G & WiMAX applications. The(More)
The design of CMOS analog circuitry for acquiring 12 lead ECG is presented. The existing methods employ separate multiplexers and associated circuitry for signal acquisition operating at typical voltage of ± 5V. The proposed system employs dynamic threshold logic to achieve low power, wide dynamic range good linearity with a supply voltage of 0.4V. The(More)
IEEE 802.16e is an emerging standard for mobile wireless broadband access systems. In any mobile networks, power saving is one of the most important features for the extension of devices' lifetime. IEEE 802.16e is the latest broadband wireless access standard designed to support mobility. To enhance the power efficiency of broadband wireless sensor networks(More)
TA mobile ad-hoc network has certain characteristics such as dynamic topology, limited bandwidth, and energy-constraint etc, which imposes new demand on the routing protocols. This work specially aims to study and investigate the performance of one proactive routing protocol-DSDV and two reactive protocols-AODV and DSR for mobile ad-hoc networks under both(More)