R. K. Fedorov

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An algorithm for page layout analysis (segmentation) is suggested in the paper. It allows whitespace between text blocks to be detected on a document page. The algorithm could be used in document analysis and recognition problems. In particular, it can be used for column recognition in multicolumn text and tables. The suggested algorithm is quite simple for(More)
In this paper we put forward a logical-structure method for recognition of objects on high resolution satellite images. This approach is based on logical reasoning with the use of structural description of objects. A search for object boundaries on an image is implemented as a unification of the built-in predicate line with account for the set of(More)
A logic-syntactic method of object recognition on images is proposed that is based on logical inference with use of the structural description of objects. The search for boundaries of objects on the image is performed as unification of the built-in predicate line with account of the set of constraints specified by the description.
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