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The reliability and cost are two important performance measures of an interconnection network. Both these aspects need to be attended at the layout design stage for an appropriate trade-off between them. This paper introduces a new approach for layout optimization of interconnection networks using dynamic programming. Our principal objective here is to(More)
The protection of infrastructure and facilities within the UK is of prime importance in the current environment where terrorist threats are present. Surveillance of large areas within such facilities is a complex, manpower intensive and demanding task. To reduce the demands on manpower, new systems will need to be developed that use a mixed sensor suite(More)
This paper discusses some specific circuit, and analog DFT techniques and methodologies used in integrated power management (PM) systems to overcome challenges of mixed-signal SoC qualification. They are mainly targeted at achieving the following: 1. Enabling the robust digital and system level test and burn-in (BI) with external supplies by disabling the(More)
This paper iOntroduces a new method based on multi-decomposition for predicting the two terminal reliability of fault-tolerant multistage interconnection networks. The method is well supported by an efficient algorithm which runs polynomially. The method is well illustrated by taking a network consists of eight nodes and twelve links as an example. The(More)
This paper addresses the topological optimization problem of interconnection networks where the overall cost of the network is minimized subjected to a predefined network reliability constraint. A new method based on genetic algorithm is proposed which uses more efficient encoding, cross over and mutation rate to ensure a better rate of convergence towards(More)
The reliability evaluation of interconnection networks is an important issue in their quality management. Some important reliability measures are network reliability or g-terminal reliability, terminal reliability or 2-terminal reliability and k-terminal reliability. This paper concentrates on evaluating these three different reliability measures of(More)
Interconnection network plays an important role in Computer networks, distributed access networks, Communication networks etc. The factors that affect the design of ICN are Reliability, Cost, Flow, Power etc. Reliability evaluation of an Interconnection network is a NP-hard problem. A small change in layout requires the repetition of the complete procedure.(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm based on self generating disjoint minimal cut-sets is proposed for evaluating the different reliability measures of interconnection networks. As, the minimal cut-sets thus generated are self-disjoint and non-redundant; it saves the overhead due to disjointing process and eliminates the duplicates. The proposed algorithm is(More)
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