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Periodontal dressing consisting of collagen and Lactobacillus casei 37 cell suspension (cell concentration 108 cells/ml) was created and used in combined treatment of patients with chronic generalized parodontitis. Efficacy of the developed isolation was explained by a considerable decrease of the number and frequency of isolation of aggressive microbial(More)
A comparative analysis of the effectiveness and expediency of the local application of collocyl (128 patients), trypsin immobilized on textile cellulose and kapron matrix (186 patients) and gauze bandage moistened with a solution of enzymes and 10% sodium chloride was made. It was shown that collocyl as well as trypsin modified gauze and kapron accelerated(More)
The authors have developed and described the method for intraoperative prophylaxis of complications caused by incompetence of the sutures on the stomach and bowels. It consists in closure of the sutures along the line of contiguity by two-layers of compact-porous collagenous explants, which possess antibacterial properties, the period of resorption in(More)
Hapcol, a new osteoplastic material, representing a biological composition on the basis of a natural biopolymer collagen with biologically compatible osteotropic mineral hydroxyapatite has been developed and allowed for clinical use. It is intended for use in dentistry in surgical treatment of periodontal diseases, deformations of the abutment tissues of(More)
An experimental investigation of the ability of the chondroitinsulphate preparation produced from cattle tracheas, of rumalon and chonsuride to stimulate the regeneration of cutaneous coverings in case of their injury was carried out. A strength of the surgical cicatrix and its elongation at rupture in two weeks' injections of chondroitinsulphate increased(More)
Specific activity of a new hemostatic drug thrombocol was studied in experiments. Laboratory rabbits were used for management of experimental capillary-parenchymatous hemorrhage. The action of thrombocol was compared with hemostatic effect of other drugs: carbocol, combutek-2, super-4 (USA), collastipt (Germany), collagen sponge (Germany). It was found that(More)
The technique of surgery is as follows: 4 implants of wetted and squeezed out collagen sponge, 7-8 x 20-22 mm in size, 2-2.5 mm thick, are introduced into Tenon's space to fill the gaps between the rectus muscles; a standard sterile hemostatic sponge or a colocyl sponge in employed. Experimental studies have shown the development of new episcleral(More)
The effect of a collagenous preparation Colocyl and its combination with proteolytic enzymes on the healing of soft tissue purulent wounds were studied in 239 patients. Colocyl and its combination with proteolytic enzymes were shown to facilitate the rejection of devitalized tissues, control of the inflammation and activation of reparative processes.