R. Jyothi Priya

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Problem statement: With the development of ubiquitous computing, current user interaction approaches with keyboard, mouse and pen are not sufficient. Due to the limitation of these devices the useable command set is also limited. Direct use of hands can be used as an input device for providing natural interaction. Approach: In this study, Gaussian Mixture(More)
Edge enhancement is a predominant process in vision based applications. The performance of the image analysis and interpretation tasks depends on the quality of the image features. It insists that an image should be pre-processed to enhance the fine details like edges. Linear Unsharp Masking (UM) is a conventional method to enhance the edges in the image.(More)
Coronal fractures of the anterior teeth are common sequelae of dental trauma. In case of complex fractures, where the fractured segment is available and there is close approximation of the segment to the remaining tooth, root canal treatment followed by reattachment of the fractured segment with fiber post reinforcement is a feasible option. The procedure(More)
Background: The presence of fissures in the normal lungs enhances uniform expansion and hence facilitates more air intake. Accessory and incomplete fissures of varying depth can be seen in unusual locations of the lung, delimiting abnormal lobes which correspond to the normal bronchopulmonary segments. The knowledge of anatomical variations of lung fissures(More)
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