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We collected and completely sequenced 28,469 full-length complementary DNA clones from Oryza sativa L. ssp. japonica cv. Nipponbare. Through homology searches of publicly available sequence data, we assigned tentative protein functions to 21,596 clones (75.86%). Mapping of the cDNA clones to genomic DNA revealed that there are 19,000 to 20,500 transcription(More)
The plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Enterobacter cloacae UW5 synthesizes the plant growth hormone indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) via the indole-3-pyruvate pathway utilizing the enzyme indole-3-pyruvate decarboxylase that is encoded by ipdC. In this bacterium, ipdC expression and IAA production occur in stationary phase and are induced by an exogenous(More)
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