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Gene expression data clustering is an important biological process in DNA microarray analysis. Although there have been many clustering algorithms for gene expression analysis, finding a suitable and effective clustering algorithm is always a challenging problem due to the heterogeneous nature of gene profiles. Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) based clustering(More)
This paper presents a multi-secret sharing scheme using Hill cipher and random grids. The scheme is an extension of visual secret sharing scheme for gray scale images introduced in [13] by Chen. The proposed scheme provides increased security with lossless image recovery and no pixel expansion. Numerical results demonstrate the efficiency of the scheme.
Many accidents are happening due to driver's drowsiness and over speed and alcohol consumption. If these mistakes are corrected accidents can be reduced, not hundred percent but up to the satisfied level. If accidents occurred, immediate first aid and treatment is necessary to save life. We cannot expect a neighbor always to help the injured people. So by(More)
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