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  • R Jones
  • American journal of optometry and physiological…
  • 1980
There is evidence to suggest that fusional vergence acts as a two-stage process consisting of fusion-initiating and fusion-sustaining components. The interrelationship of these components was examined by comparing the amplitude of disparity-induced vergence over the operating range of sustained fusional vergence. The results showed that as sustained(More)
Executive Summary When the procedure " Calculation of Railway Noise 1995 " (CRN) [Ref 1] was devised, the list of stock that was included was aimed at representing the majority of typical vehicles operating on the railway at that time. However, since 1995 the nature of the rolling stock fleet has changed considerably and there are many types of vehicle(More)
i. Important differences exist between sire breeds in progeny survival with the Southdown being best and the Romney poorest. 2. Progeny of long-wool sires, and particularly the Lincoln, clip more wool at post-weaning shearing than of the Down breeds, which exhibit quite small variation. 3. Sire breeds vary in average liveweight growth of their progeny, the(More)
PURPOSE Irradiation of small animal tumor models within laboratories is vital to radiobiological experiments. Often the animals are not able to be brought back into the lab after being taken out for irradiation. Cell biology laboratories benefit from irradiation capability available around the clock without regard to patient load in an associated(More)
Visual evoked responses (VER) were recorded from bipolar electrodes placed transversely across the occipital region. A series of apertures were used to block the stimulation of the foveal area. The transverse distribution of the C2 component of the VER corresponds to a radial dipole source, and this is consistent with a foveal origin in the visual cortex. A(More)
The spatiotemporal differences between the normal and amblyopic visual systems were investigated by measuring contrast sensitivity as a function of exposure duration for specific spatial frequencies of a sine-wave grating. At threshold, normal subjects had contrast-time reciprocity curves with slopes of approximately 0.7, indicating less than perfect(More)
Experiments have been carried out over 8 years to investigate systems of lamb production designed to make the fullest use of grassland, based on high levels of prolificacy of the ewes and high annual stocking rates per hectare. The results show that for suckled fat lamb production, both the Border Leicester /Cheviot and East Fviesland /Blackface crosses(More)
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