R. Jones

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A method is proposed for eeciently computing moving average lters in regular octagonal windows, as approximations to circular windows. The algorithm requires thirteen operations per pixel irrespective of window size and is faster than existing Fourier-based and recursive methods for all but the smallest windows. Further, new variance-weighted nonlinear(More)
The symbiotic dinoflagellate microalgae of corals (Symbiodinium spp.) contain high concentrations of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP), a multifunctional metabolite commonly found in many species of marine algae and dinoflagellates. A photoprotective antioxidant function for DMSP and its breakdown products has often been inferred in algae, but its role(s)(More)
A method is described for finding all occurrences of a sequence pattern within a database of molecular sequences. Implementation of this on a massively parallel computer allows the user to perform very fast database searches using complex patterns. In particular, the software supports approximate pattern matching with score thresholds for either the entire(More)
Fire has profound effects on ecosystem properties, but few studies have addressed the effect of repeated burns on soil nutrients, and none have been conducted in cold desert ecosystems where invasion by exotic annual grasses is resulting in greater fire frequency. In a 5 year study, we examined effects of repeated burning, litter removal, and post-fire(More)
In the context of the ATLAS experiment there is growing evidence of the importance of different kinds of Meta-data including all the important details of the detector and data acquisition that are vital for the analysis of the acquired data. The Online BookKeeper (OBK) is a component of ATLAS online software that stores all information collected while(More)
Rates of nitrogen (N) deposition have been historically high throughout much of the northeastern United States; thus, understanding the legacy of these high N loads is important for maintaining forest productivity and resilience. Though many studies have documented plant invasions due to N deposition and associated impacts on ecosystems, less is known about(More)
Nuclear Research) is a wide international collaboration (80 nationalities); z The objective of CERN is the experimental study of physics, in particular the study of matter and the forces that hold it together; z Within CERN's lifetime, several important physics discoveries have been made, along with technology breakthroughs such as the WWW. z The LHC (Large(More)