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Software testing is the important phase of software development process. But, this phase can be easily missed by software developers because of their limited time to complete the project. Since, software developers finish their software nearer to the delivery time; they don’t get enough time to test their program by creating effective test cases. . One of(More)
Introduction Mutation testing (MT), though very expensive, is reported an effective measurement for quality of a test suite and superior to common place assessments such as coverage metrics. Surviving mutations, not found by test suite, mixes most valuable and least valuable mutations in one set. Therefore, when one assesses surviving mutants, one must(More)
Specification mining is a machine learning approach for discovering specifications of the protocols that code must obey when interacting with an application program interface or abstract data type. Two major concerns in engineering software systems are high maintenance costs and reliability of systems. To reduce maintenance efforts, there is a need for(More)
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