R. Jayasinghe

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The number of semiconductor switches in a modular multilevel converter (MMC) for HVDC transmission is typically two orders of magnitudes larger than that in a two or three level voltage-sourced converter (VSC). The large number of devices creates a computational challenge for electromagnetic transient simulation programs, as it can significantly increase(More)
This paper proposes a parallel multimodal optimization algorithm that is combined with electromagnetic transient simulation in a platform that unifies the setup, test, and execution of optimal designs for power systems. The algorithm speeds up the design of power systems as its computations can be executed independently on a highly parallelized environment.(More)
This paper presents a grid-processing approach that interfaces optimization algorithms with electromagnetic transients (EMT) simulations programs to significantly speed up the design of power apparatus and networks. A parallel gradient-based optimization algorithm feeds trial parameters to an EMT simulator to determine the optimal parameters. The(More)
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