R. Jayaraman

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Wages, Productivity and Aging In this article, we estimate age based wage and productivity differentials using linked employer-employee Canadian data from the Workplace and Employee Survey 1999-2003. Data on the firm side is used to estimate production functions taking into account the age profile of the firm’s workforce. Data on the workers’ side is used(More)
Financial support has been supplied to Blume by NSF grant CCF-0910940 and by WWTF Grant “Die Evolution von Normen und Konventionen in der Wirtschaft”, Brock and Durlauf by the Vilas Professorship, and Durlauf by the University of Wisconsin Graduate School, Laurits Christensen Chair in Economics, and Institute for New Economic Thinking, all of which is(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim was to investigate the effect of etoricoxib on the anticonvulsant activity of phenytoin and diazepam against seizure models in mice. In addition the acute adverse effect of etoricoxib was assessed with a chimney test. METHODS The maximal seizure pattern was induced in mice by giving an alternating current of 50 mA for 0.2 s, while(More)
This paper provides a systematic analysis of identification in linear social interactions models. This is both a theoretical and an econometric exercise as the analysis is linked to a rigorously delineated model of interdependent decisions. We develop an incomplete information game that describes individual choices in the presence of social interactions.(More)
The Returns to Computer Use Revisited, Again Using North American data, we revisit the question first broached by Krueger (1993) and reexamined by DiNardo and Pischke (1997) of whether there exists a real wage differential associated with computer use. Employing a mixed effects model to correct for both worker and workplace unobserved heterogeneity using(More)
The introduction of a local currency may serve as a signal of demand for local goods. Where demand uncertainty deters firms from investing in more productive technologies, such a signal improves the chances that technology choice will be optimal. The introduction of a local currency therefore always improves ex-ante efficiency and may lead to ex-post(More)
Acorus calamus has been used for a long time in traditional medicine as a remedy for pain, convulsion, inflammation, and ulcer. In the present work, the analgesic effects of methanolic extract of Acorus calamus roots (MEAC) have been evaluated using acetic acid induced Writhing response and Rat caudal immersion method. Whereas the anticonvulsant effect were(More)
Aside from major and minor histocompatibility antigens, genetic polymorphisms of various donor and host genes have been found to be risk factors for graft-versus-host disease and transplantation-related mortality (TRM). The heme oxygenase I (HO-I) protein has been implicated in regulating inflammatory response and has been described as a "protective gene"(More)
The Effect of Adversity on Process Innovations and Managerial Incentives This paper asks whether adversity spurs the introduction of process innovations and increases the use of managerial incentives by firms. Using a large panel data set of workplaces in Canada, our identification strategy relies on exogenous variation in adversity arising from increased(More)