R. Jayaparvathy

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SUMMARY In this paper, we present a performance study to evaluate the mean delay and the average system throughput of IEEE 802.11-based wireless local area networks (WLANs). We consider the distributed coordination function (DCF) mode of medium access control (MAC). Stochastic reward nets (SRNs) are used as a modelling formalism as it readily captures the(More)
Data mining refers to the knowledge discovery in data base process (KDD) which is a procedure from which useful information is drawn and summarized into a specific pattern. In other words it is the process of extracting and gaining useful knowledge data. " Better sound through research ". The paper centralizes on the prediction of humanistic behaviour and(More)
The popularity of social media applications has changed the way of communication for the past few years. The transfer of information from one individual to another had grown beyond the basic act of texting and evolved to enable the transfer of other media such as image, audio, video. An example of such an application is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a popular(More)
In a restaurant recommender system the main focus is on the user rating or perhaps the customer satisfaction that is significant of all. The contextual features are closely studied which aids as the precipitate for the study. In order to identify relevant contextual information for the study, only those cardinal features that are significant for the(More)
Insurance policy information is not only significant for that particular policy but those features alias contextual information can be utilized for extracting information about those features which are the cause for the cancellation of the policy adoption by the customer. By identifying these features it not only caters to the better understanding of(More)
College being home away from home for students, expecting multiple facilities is quite demanding. The following paper aims at building an intelligent Mathematical model to categorize and identify the amenities expected by students from a college using a data mining technique called as classification. Data mining, a vital step in 'Knowledge Discovery in(More)
Networked robots refer to multiple robots operating together in coordination. This work focuses on the problem of path planning of these robots in an unknown environment with obstacles. In the existing techniques, the robots collaboratively find the location of obstacles and available path and exchange the entire map of the environment among themselves.(More)
In India, the electric power transmission and distribution loss is very high, about 7% in transmission and 26% in distribution. Though deployment of automated meter reading system will reduce losses, particularly in distribution, penetration of automated meter reading is low due to high costs involved. World over, the Two-Way Automatic Communications System(More)
Human-elephant conflict is a major problem leading to crop damage, human death and injuries caused by elephants, and elephants being killed by humans. In this paper, we propose an automated unsupervised elephant image detection system (EIDS) as a solution to human-elephant conflict in the context of elephant conservation. The elephant's image is captured in(More)