R. Jason Caldwell

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The hypothesis that heterozygotes for the Fanconi anemia (FA) gene are predisposed to cancer was investigated by comparing the observed and expected numbers of cancer cases and deaths in 25 extended families of FA probands. This study demonstrated no overall excess of cancers of cancer deaths for any age or sex category of blood relatives and no unusual(More)
Many medical and personal factors must be considered when attempting to provide comprehensive genetic counseling to families with retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Adequate diagnostic evaluation, the initial step in the counseling process, is not always readily obtained. Prognosis is difficult to assess, and genetic type may be impossible to establish in certain(More)
It is uncertain whether training improves physicians’ obesity counseling. To assess the impact of an obesity counseling curriculum for residents. A non-randomized, wait-list/control design. Twenty-three primary care internal medicine residents; 12 were assigned to the curriculum group, and 11 were assigned to the no-curriculum group. Over a 7-month period(More)
Environment Canada has been developing a community environmental modelling system (Modélisation Environmentale Communautaire MEC), which is designed to facilitate coupling between models focusing on different components of the earth system. The ultimate objective of MEC is to use the coupled models to produce operational forecasts. MESH (MEC Surface and(More)
A. Pietroniro, V. Fortin, N. Kouwen, C. Neal, R. Turcotte, B. Davison, D. Verseghy, E. D. Soulis, R. Caldwell, N. Evora, and P. Pellerin National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada, Canada Numerical Weather Prediction Research, Meteorological Research Division, Environment Canada, Canada University of Waterloo, Canada Water Survey of Canada,(More)