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Emulsions of fluorocarbons are finding considerable use in physiology for intravascular oxygen transport. Their wide clinical application as blood substitutes, anti-shock, and anti-ischemic agents seems imminent. Whole body NMR imaging is rapidly gaining clinical application and may one day almost completely supplant X-ray imaging. All of the 19F compounds(More)
This work shows the feasibility of using pulsed, saturation recovery EPR to study directly the magnetic relaxation properties of metal centers in cytochrome c oxidase in the 1.5-20 K range. Heme a and CuA both showed remarkably similar Tn temperature dependences in their spin-lattice relaxation rates. Either both are in environments with very similar(More)
All of the levels of ozone used in these experiments caused morphological damage to plants of Vicia faba L., but only the dose of 200 parts per hundred million for 4 h or 8 h caused chromosomal damage in the microsporocytes. Significant chromosomal damage appeared 24 h after fumigation in metaphase I and anaphase I - telophase I but no significant damage(More)
Glitches are an important source of power dissipation in static CMOS ICs that can contribute to as much as 70% of total power dissipation in certain cases (e.g., arithmetic modules). Although research into various aspects of glitch power dissipation has been undertaken in the past, most approaches to addressing it are ad hoc and limited in their(More)
The spinal cord is usually part of the treatment volume in the treatment of the thorax and abdomen areas using antero-posterior (AP) and postero-anterior (PA) ports. Thus it is necessary to know the dose the spinal cord would receive. One needs to locate the spine to calculate the dose at that location. In the absence of CT, a set of orthogonal films is(More)
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