R. J. de Meijer

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Several techniques rep',med in the literature for measuring solids concentration and solids velocity in (dense) gas-selid two-phase flow have been briefly reviewed, An optical measuring system, based on detection of light reflected by Ihe suspended paRicles, has bece developed to measure local solids concentration and local axial solids velocity in dense(More)
Introduction In a time when astronauts orbit the Earth and visit the Moon, and mankind has brought vehicles to Mars and telescopes into orbit, we seldom realise that we have penetrated the Earth by only 10km, a distance smaller than we commute daily to our work or equivalent to the cruising altitude of airplanes. Consequently we know, except from seismic(More)
The objective of the study was to assess the measurement properties of an indirect volumetric measurement using segmental circumferential measurements fitted into a formula of a truncated cone (Sitzia's method) in long-term transtibial amputees. Twenty-eight participants with a transtibial amputation >1 year participated in the study. Two observers measured(More)
Mineral zircon contains trace amounts (typically 10–1000 ppm) of the a-emitters uranium and thorium, which irradiate this mineral internally. This outstanding feature of zircon turns out to be extremely useful when this mineral is applied as a thermoluminescence (TL) dating medium, because the build-up of the age-dependent luminescence is dominated by the(More)
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